Detroit Consulting Group






Providing end-to-end IT, Data Security,
Privacy and Compliance

End-to-end services provide companies with strategic processes for data protection and increased customer confidence. Businesses have challenges to manage IT & Security more efficiently and effectively with a comprehensive approach to meet information security and compliance goals. We help your organization with the pain points, solutions, and the best practices organizations should consider to make strategic information security an enabler of business value.  Making your organization more secure, effective, and competitive in the market!

Our Scope of Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Security & IT Program Development
  • Strategic Security Roadmap Planning
  • Policies and Process development
  • IT & Security Project Management
  • Application and Software life Cycle Development
  • Regulatory and Third Party Compliance
    (HIPAA & HITECH, PCI and more)
  • Security Intelligence investigation, Incident Response & Services
  • Privacy & Information Security Training Workshops

What does our service provide your business?
Insight and visibility into your organization's security posture so that you can make informed decisions. A Comprehensive Security Check provides visibility into your organization's current security posture so that executives and managers can make informed business decisions regarding security.

  • Enterprise Assessment or Small Business Assessments
    • Data Loss Prevention Assessment
    • Incident Management & eDiscovery Check
    • Outsourcing and Third Party Check
    • Policies and Process Check
    • Software and Application Security Check
    • Vulnerability Management Check
  • Compliance Assessement Check
  • Data Privacy Security check
  • Cloud Security check
  • Network Assessment Check
  • Information Security Audit Baseline

Our Comprehensive Security Check will give you the next step recommendations that can be used to design a strategic information security roadmap or simply identify point solutions that can easily resolve your business security weaknesses.  We take the stress of managing the overload of security requirements off your shoulders for your organization.